Luxury 10-person villa with max. 5 bedrooms, elevator, swimming pool 35m², main bedroom with panoramic sliding doors and terrace.

This 10-person villa is an ideal choice if you want the maximum number of sleeping areas, each with its own bathroom. On level -1 this villa has 3 bedrooms with a private bathroom and on level -2 there are 2 extra bedrooms with a private bathroom.


In this beautiful villa, with a building area of 876 m2, you can enjoy a spacious main bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. This bedroom is equipped with a large sliding door and a terrace as standard, giving you a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The 4 extra bedrooms have their own bathroom each. The layout of this villa can be fully adjusted to your wishes in consultation.

  • VILLA DEL DUQUE 876 1Elevator
  • Carpark
  • Private pool

The design of the villa combines the different spaces, leading to an exceptional design. The large windows enhance the outdoor feeling in the luminous and spacious living room, together with the sunny and covered terraces, which also contribute to strengthen this feeling

The spacious layout of this villa, in combination with the panoramic views, will give you a permanent feeling of freedom.

If you would like to relax in your Rituals … Home Spa, then this is also one of the options.