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general questions

Phase 1 | Permits available, construction started, ready 2020/2021

Phase 2 | Permits pending, expected 2020/2021

Most banks in Europe do not easily provide funding for your second home. Because this market differs from the regular housing market, specific requirements and acceptance conditions apply to each lender. It is important that you can enjoy your villa without any worries, therefore, we work with leading and reliable financial institutions.

With the mortgage, you can finance up to 50-70% of the value of your holiday home. Your complete financial position is assessed by the independently operating financial institution. For the mortgage of your villa in The View Villas, good agreements with the Spanish bank Santander and bank Unicaja been made. They will guide you through the entire procedure and they are there to provide you further information about the process.

To give the villas an extra sustainable touch, the developer chose for The View Villas, the SolarWatt solar solution.

“In our opinion, sustainable refers to a long life and environmentally friendly”

SolarWatt was born in 1993 as a product of the vision of three pioneers in the field of solar energy and today it is the leading German manufacturer of solar energy systems, the European market leader in
glass-glass solar panels and one of the world’s largest suppliers of electricity storage.

“We have been involved with The View Villas from the very beginning. That means that we can ensure that the picture is completely correct. For us the ease of use of sustainable energy in the villas is very important.”

other questions

Several different internationals school are located in the area of Marbella and Estepona. From 2021/2022 is planned to be one opened at walking distance (4-18 years).

Healthcare is also essential in this part of Spain. Various medical facilities are available in Estepona and Marbella,  hospital is only 5 minutes away.

Living in View49 means that you have almost everything within reach. Conveniently, the area is rich in golf courses and there are shops, primary schools, sports facilities and various international schools. You can go shopping in different large supermarkets and in the smaller local stores.